Yiannis Dendrinos is a visual artist, based in Athens, Greece. In one of his exhibitions, entitled “Astronaut” he is presenting sculptures made of recycled scrap parts which are representing spacecrafts, robots and various fictionnary elements used in science-fiction movies. He attemps to introduce his ideas of space art in the visual arts.

As mentionned by art curator, Pavlos Thanopoulos, “Through the hard industrial metals, materials that Yiannis uses and to which he gives a second life, disused insignificant materials acquire in his hands a distinct theatricality. The artist’s will to compose a world of science fiction, created by metallic anthropomorphic robots, space horizons and distant galaxies, expresses this mood for a more imaginative approach to a standard functional object as a simple lighting fixture. But through these materials that testify the sudden industrialization of the last century, emerges a world reminiscent of the first attempts to craft a picture of the future, the next millennium but also the fear of the unknown. This journey in a romantic future taken out from our past, the creator attempts with his exhibition: a childhood innocence glance at a visual journey to different galaxies.”

Many of the artworks of this exhibition are shown in our art section such as the starship metal sculpture ‘Prometheus’ and ‘Magnetism’ and ‘Sputnik’. As well as Yiannis Dendrinos artist page.

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