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In these pages Everything in art will be presenting the artworks of craftsmen around the world, with works such as jewellry, ceramics, design objects, any handmade decorative items and unique handmade gifts.

30 ideas about diy pipe lamp

30 ideas about diy pipe lamp creation

Amazing ideas and how to create a diy pipe lamp

Giannis Dendrinos is a Greek artist designing and creating diy pipe lamp projects. Using scrap metal parts and plumbing pipe parts, he is creating various steampunk, cyberpunk, retro, vintage, industrial, pipe lamps.READ MORE

Steampunk plumbing pipe desk lamps

Steampunk pipe desk lamps

Steampunk pipe desk lamps have become a trend lately. Made of various plumbing pipe desk lamps, Steampunk pipe desk lamps are the most popular steampunk style table lamps. READ MORE

How to make a bottle lamp

How to make a bottle lamp

This post is about how to create a magnificent bottle lamp by using simple plumbing pipe parts and an old bottle


contemporary ceramics

By pressing the craft button in our home page, you will be visiting our craft store where you’ll find many handmade decorative items created by contemporary Greek designers and craftsmen.
Among this section, you will find amazing Greek contemporary ceramics:
WEDESIGN are three Greek designers that joined together to re-design Greek traditional items of everyday use and produce modern greek souvenirs. One of their concepts is printing mythological scenes of Ancient Greece on ceramic plates and utilitarian objects, combining traditional and modern art.
Excellent handmade craft ideas for home are the modern art ceramics of Despoina Xenaki. The Greek ceramist is creating sculptures and utilitarian objects and studies the integration of small and large-scale ceramics in indoor and outdoor spaces. Part of her work was presented at the 52nd National Ceramics Exhibition in Athens where she won the third accolade.

handmade art and craft items

‘Everything in art’ is an art store where you can find original handmade art and craft items created by various greek artists. Created by Greek artist Yiannis Dendrinos and curated by visual artist Elpida Panonidou, we are presenting the work of our featuring artists.


The Greek web-radio ‘READYO.GR’ in cooperation with ‘Everything in art’ gives you the opportunity to win a beautiful, handmade ceramic button from the artist Despina Xenaki. An excellent handmade artwork that will fit in your house, made of clay, fired at 1035 degrees Celsius. Despina Xenaki is working in her own pottery workshop in Athens and has provided unique ceramic vases, jars, jugs, and other ceramics to Everything in art. Despoina Xenaki’s artist page is available on our site to view some of her work.

Filanthi Bogea was born in Athens in 1982. Her first contact with fashion design was in 2005, through designing and making traditional Greek costumes. The designer retains her personal collection until today, with which she covers most of Greece and provides various types of artistic events. She has also worked on designing and making costumes for the stage, participating in theatrical performances, short films & music videos. From 2006 to 2009 she studied costume, garment design and pattern, and haute couture at the public school of the Ministry of Culture in Athens, after which she began designing clothes for her and her friends. In 2011 she participated as a designer & model in the total appearance contest “international TrendVision award” and reached the finals in New York, after getting the first place in Greece. During 2012
– 2014 she was working as a fashion designer for a well-known sports clothing company, and today she is designing and producing her personal special collection of handmade and some of kind clothing.
More of her work is available on Filanthi’s Bogea artist page.

Christina Karakalpaki was born in Athens, Greece. Her architectural studies have given her the technical and aesthetical knowledge to balance between the large and the small scale with agility, while at the same time feeding her curiosity in order to explore the spaces in between them. She has attended several seminars on jewelry design and micro-sculpture, she has participated in Greek and international exhibitions and her work has been featured in design magazines. The last few years she maintains a workshop in Athens and has established collaborations with museum art shops, local jewelry stores and galleries.

Vanessa Anastasopoulou was born in 1972 in Athens. She is Royal College of Art graduate in painting. She exhibited in four solo exhibitions and since 1997, she has participated in many group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Some of artworks are owned by international organisations. (Deutsche Bank, British Airways, Aylesford Newsprint).