Everything in art is shipping in Greece, Europe and worldwide. Delivery of products is carried out by the following means:
By post through the Hellenic post office
By courier companies we collaborate depending on your location. (for faster shipping time)
The shipping costs of the product depend on weight, size, destination and delivery service. When you checkout, the e-shop will automatically calculate shipping costs for your address, before the actual payment.
Please note that all international customers (outside the EU) are liable to be asked to pay country/state import duties and taxes at the time of delivery of your parcel except for shipping through the Post office.
Your order will be dispatched within 3-7 working days for products in the CRAFT section and possibly more for products in the ART section. Should it take longer, we will notify you by e-mail. Furthermore, availability, time of preparation for shipping  are mentioned in each product’s description. Dispatch time is indicated in the check-out process by selecting the method of dispatch.
Please note that all our products are genuine and handmade, for that reason we do not stock products. The products are first sent to our location for check-up and then redirected to you. In case the product you purchased is not available, we will immediately contact you and refund the amount paid for the product with no extra fees.


Right of withdrawal

From the time you receive your original art work by Everything in art, you have fourteen (14) days to decide whether to keep the artwork or return the artwork in its original condition for a refund. The right to return Products does not apply on products that are jewelry or accessories that are worn and as such, they are in contact with the human skin when used in order to protect the health of every future buyer.
We also require to be notified by filling the withdrawal form (included in the package or download it in this page) and send it to us by e-mail at [email protected]. Or you can download it from here.
In addition, you can withdraw from the purchase at any time after ordering the product and before reception. Please refer to our section Terms and conditions
Returns will be accepted only if the product is received undamaged and in its original packaging, with a copy of the withdrawal form and the payment receipt. The cost of shipping for returning the product is paid by the purchaser. The right of withdrawal does not apply to opened or damaged packages or products such as jewelry or accessories that are worn and as such, they are in contact with the human skin when used, in order to protect the health of every future buyer.
After your notification for return, if you do not send us the artwork within 30 days, we will consider that you have retreated from your right of withdrawal and you will NOT be eligible for a refund.
After reception of the product by us, we will check the artwork for damages and refund will be made only if the artwork is in its original condition. Everything in art shall then refund the amount paid for the product limited to the value of the returned product(s).
Damaged products during shipping
If you receive faulty product(s) because of an internal damage caused during transport that was not found on reception or a mistaken delivery, you have the right to return them and claim their replacement or refund but only limited to the value of the returned product(s).
Please fill the withdrawal form and send it to us by e-mail at [email protected] so we can arrange a shipping service at our charge. Having received and checked the returned product, we will reship a product of the same kind by the next working days at no charge for you. Please refer to our section Terms & conditions
Please click here to download the withdrawal form

Withdrawal – Returns – Defective Products
Referring to section F of Terms & conditions

1. The Buyer has the right (article 4, par. 10 L. 2251/1994) within 14 calendar days from the collection of the Products, as long as they remain in their original packaging or they have not been consumed – worn or otherwise, to withdraw from the contract and return the Products to the Seller, claiming the return of the price paid either by cancellation of the transaction of the credit – debit card, or cash, or by presentation of security, at the Seller’s absolute discretion.
This right is exercised always in writing with a printed or electronic letter called Widhtdrawal form addressed to the Seller that will be sent via
(a) email message at [email protected] under the subject «Return according to article 4§10 Ν.2251/1994 », or
(b) written letter attached to the product or
(c) by visiting the Seller’s shop after notifying the Seller, where the Return form shall be filled in. In such return letter, all the Products to be returned as well as the cause of return will be described.
2. In such case, the Buyer recognizes and accepts that, by exercising the aforementioned right, he/she will receive compensation equal to the value of the returned Product, excluding the transportation costs that the Seller suffered in order to deliver the Products (if any). The return of the Products will be realized on the expenses and care of the Buyer at the Seller’s installations, accompanied by the relevant documentation (invoice – dispatch note) issued by the Seller.
3. The Seller reserves the right not to accept the Products for return due to withdrawal if they have suffered wear and not to return the price of their purchase to the Buyer.
4. The Seller is obliged, if according to the above receives the returned Products, to pay the Buyer the price of their purchase in cash, or by handing him a security, within 30 days from their delivery the latest.
5. The Buyer can exercise this right at any given moment from the order dispatch, even before the Products are delivered to him/her, or before he/she pays the price of their purchase.
6. If the Buyer exercises this right after the delivery of the Products and within 30 days from the written notification to the Seller regarding the aforementioned right, the Products are still not successfully returned to the Seller as described above, it is then agreed that this act constitutes a reversal of exercise of this right and a final acceptance of the Product (s).
7. Exercising the aforementioned right does not limit the rights of the Buyer to ask the replacement or return of the Products that have been mistakenly sent compared to the Buyer’s order, or Products that are defects (wears, lack of agreed properties etc) covered or not.
8. The Products are regarded defective when they do not possess the agreed properties, are worn down, are partially consumed, do not have data of origin (artist – creator, certificate of authenticity, etc.) or instruction manual, whenever this is required according to the common merchandising practice.
9. Products are not regarded as defective if the Buyer ordered them by mistake, nor Products that are worn down during the opening of the packaging by the Buyer and in general due to the Buyer’s, intentional or not, actions or omissions.
10. The Buyer reserves the right to ask the replacement of the Products that are deemed defective, according to an objective and fair estimation, or a reduction of their price of purchase depending on the severity of the defect, or compensation. In any case the Buyer accepts and agrees that the Seller’s liability is limited up to the total value of the Products and is not extended beyond that nor on other incidental damages that the latter could invoke that he/she suffered because of the defect or the defects, or on consequential damage, or other losses (e.g. non-material).
11. In case the wrong quantity of Products is delivered by mistake, then the Seller undertakes the obligation to correct the error at own expenses. In the case that the quantity of Products delivered is in excess of the one requested by the Buyer, then the Buyer has the right to pay the corresponding price to buy them within 7 calender days, or to request their return at the Seller’s expense.
12. In any case, the Buyer agrees that he/she is not entitled, or otherwise explicitly resigns from any other right of compensation against the Seller, whose liability is limited to the aforementioned restoration of the correct quantity of the Products.
13. The present paragraph and the right to return Products are not enforced on Products that are jewelry or accessories that are worn and as such, they are in contact with the human skin when used, as long as they are unpacked, in order to protect the health of every future buyer. In the cases of this Product category it is accepted and explicitly agreed that the review of the Products bought through a transparent packaging is sufficient for the final acceptance or rejection and the exercise of the right of withdrawal according to article 4, paragraph 10, L. 2251/1994.
Please click here to download the widthdrawal form