We believe in ART!

Everything in Art is more than an e-shop.

everythinginart.com is an on-line art gallery, which was created for artists to display their artworks for free. Exhibiting mostly Greek visual artists and handicrafters, foreign artists are welcome as well. Visitors may get information, about artworks and creations by selected, renowned artists.

As artists ourselves, we decided to offer free promotion of the Greek art market mostly, to the international public, offering a novel meeting place for the art market and society, addressed to both artists as well as our customers.

Our principles:
• respecting artists and their work
• art as a way of life

We aim at making visual artworks and items available to all, in a direct, easy and trustworthy way.

Yiannis Dendrinos


I was born in Athens and grew up in Congo, Africa. I was influenced and inspired by African nature and the free way in which the people there used and transformed their materials. Creation as a basic human need became a driving force in my life. Thus, I started early on to experiment with material and became so fascinated with metal technique, in which I was trained as a teenager, that I turned metalwork into sculpture. Armed with plenty of experimentation, knowledge, experience, as well as a great love for art, I created my personal sculpture style, combining my artistic and scientific sides.