metal motorcycle art ideas

metal motorcycle art ideas

Amazing metal motorcycle art ideas

Scrap metal motorcycle art ideas

This article is about metal motorcycle sculptures created by Greek artist Giannis Dendrinos.

Unique metal motorcycle sculptures created by Giannis Dendrinos. He is a sculptor, visual artist based in Athens, Greece. He has participated in many art exhibitions in Greece and abroad. One of the themes he chose to create is metal motorcycle art . Passionate about motorcycles, he has created over 300 motorcycle metal motrocycle. He loves metal and scrap metal parts. He uses and finds them in scrap yards. In his workshop, he uses a welding machine and a grinder and recycles useless engine parts into artworks.

Giannis can create motorbikes of any kind, style and size.

To get in touch with him for any order or request, you can reach him in his personnal mail:

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Original Artwork – Metal Sculpture Art – Metal Motorcycle Art

metal motorcycle art ideas - Motorcycle with springs
metal motorcycle art ideas - Motorcycle with springs

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