garden sculpture art metal “Jellyfish”

garden sculpture art metal “Jellyfish”

Metal and 120m electrical cables 3G10
13 dismantable pieces
Standing on a square metallic base 120x120cm
Metal column standing in the center of the artwork
120x120cm x height 3m
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2,500.00 inc. VAT

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Garden sculpture art metal Jellyfish

This garden sculpture art metal jellyfish monument has been created by Greek artist Giannis Dendrinos. His inspiration for this garden sculpture came within the idea of the protection of nature. Human beeings are smaller than nature. By creating a much bigger in size jellyfish than humans, Gianni’s goal is to force the spectator to feel smaller than nature. The materials used in this artwork are metal, electrical cables. This sculpture can be dismantled in 13 pieces for any need of shipment or transportation. 120 meters of electrical cables 5G10 have been used. It weighs around 100 Kg. This garden sculpture art metal Jellyfish has been exhibited in the Greek museum Eugenides Foundation in 2009 for the purpose of an exhibition called “Ecolife”.

Giannis Dendrinos is a Greek visual artist living in Athens, Greece. He has created more than 300 metal sculptures using scrap metal parts. He has exhibited his artworks in various art spaces and galleries. He is a father of 2 girls that are often the source for his inspiration. The last years he has created , an on-line gallery for the promotion of visual artists and hand crafters.

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Weight 120 kg
Dimensions 120 × 120 × 300 cm