Cocktail jigger men’s pendant

Cocktail jewelry inspired from the art of bartending

This necklace, as all of our jewelry, is 100% handmade and produced in Greece.

• Material: 925 Sterling Silver.

• Dimensions: Height 2.7cm/1.576in . Weight 4.26gr/0.151oz approx.

• Choose between 4 colors: silver | 24k yellow gold plated | 18k rose gold plated | rhodium black plated.

• Choose either adjustable cord 73cm or 925 sterling silver chain.

***If you choose chain you can choose between two different lenghts 50cm or 60cm and also two different types of chain No1 and No2 as you can see from the photos of the product
• Chain thickness: 0.7 mm.

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Cocktail jigger men’s pendant inspired from the art of bartending

Cocktail jewelry necklace with cocktail strainer for bartenders or drink lovers

Choose this amazing cocktail jigger men’s pendant with a cocktail strainer from our cocktail jewelry collection! It will definitely be the most impressive gift for your bartender or drink lover friend!

The necklace, is a part of our bar tools collection, which includes some of the most original bartender and inspired jewelry. All of our jewelry is handmade and produced in Greece.

The cocktail strainer charm is made out of 925 sterling silver it comes in four colours from which you can choose from: silver , 24k yellow gold plated, 18k rose gold plated or black rhodium plated.

You can also choose between black cord or chain for this bartender inspired jewelry. The chain also comes with options: chain No1 or chain No2 referring to the type and 50cm or 60 cm referring to the length.

What is a cocktail jigger?

A cocktail jigger is a shot or cocktail measuring cup for bartenders, ranging in sizes of 0.5-2.5 oz. For ease of use, many jiggers have fill lines on the inside or outside with oft-used cocktail or shot

glass measurements. The word jigger can also be used as a unit of measurement in cocktail recipes. This product is a cocktail jigger men’s pendant.


Tips on how to take care of your cocktail  jewelry and the jewelry of our collection in general

1. Remove jewelry before going to bed or participating in physical activity.

2. Exposing to certain chemicals or environments will result in damaging the integrity of your jewellery.

This includes, but is not limited to the following: perspiration, perfumes, cleaning agents, chlorine, salt water, and silver polish.

What if you choose the gold plating option? Here are some extra tips:

1)Keep gold-plated jewelry away from hard surfaces. Bumps and scratches will cause the gold layer to wear away faster.

2)Wash your hands before putting on or taking off plated jewelry.

3)Put on gold plated earrings after you’ve applied your perfume.

4)Put on your plated jewelry after you have applied lotion or put on makeup.

5)Don’t swim wearing your plated jewelry.

6)Don’t wear your plated jewelry when you’ll be sweating profusely.

For more jewelry, you can also visit the artist’s etsy page here!

What is a pendant?

A pendant is a loose-hanging piece of jewellery, generally attached by a small loop to a necklace, which may be known as a “pendant necklace. A pendant earring is an earring with a piece hanging down. Its name stems from the Latin word pendere and Old French word pendre, both of which translate to “to hang down”. In modern French, pendant is the gerund form of pendre (” to hang”). The extent to which the design of a pendant can be incorporated into an overall necklace makes it not always accurate to treat them as separate items.

In some cases, though, the separation between necklace and pendant is far clearer.


Which colour jewelry suits you best?

If you have fair skin with red undertones, you may want to stay away from rose gold as it accentuate the pink undertones of your skin. Always go for silver jewelry! It will make you glow beautifully.

If you are slightly tanned with olive or mediterranean skin, you could wear almost any metal and it well flatter you amazingly!

If you have a dark skin tone go for the gold option. It will look striking and really glowy on you. Same goes with pale asian skin tones.

A disclaimer for gold plated jewelry

Gold plated pieces are, by default, more fragile and liable to lose their colour over time. As for this cocktail jigger men’s pendant for its gold plated version

The speed at which the gold plating fades will depend on multiple variables from chemical products used for skincare, level of perspiration or even your natural skin PH.

For this reason, it is particularly important to take special care of your gold plated jewelry. There are some helpful tips above!

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