Cork purse Angelina Black Flowers

Handcrafted cork purse Angelina Black Flowers

Handcrafted cork purse

Handmade cork purse made of cork with silverĀ details and microfiber lining
It includes a wrist chain and a stylish crest
Dimensions 25×17 or 30×18
Dimensions may differ slightly due to the handmade construction
Colors can be changed according to your wishes.
Price 65 and 79 euro respectively

Please mention the desired size

79.00 inc. VAT

Cork purse Angelina Black Flowers

Cork purse Angelina Black Flowers

Cork purse Angelina Black Flowers

An amazing Handmade cork purse / Purse for ladies Angelina Black Flower

* This product is a 100% handmade KNITTED bag with cork fabric.
* The inside has been lined with microfiber and has magnetic clasp.
* It has a hand chain and beautiful tassel assorted with the used yarn.
* I do not sew my products, but I knit them. I cut the pieces on my own. Then I tie them knitting with the crochet. This is the particularity of my cork purses.

This ideal gift for women is available in 2 patterns
* Black flowers
* Boho

This purse made of cork fabric comes in two sizes

For a different yarn color please can send a message
***Please contact us to choose colors of cork and yarn.

Cork handbags are made out of natural, organic, sustainable cork material. Soft to the touch. Feather light, cork handbags are perfect for neck and back issues. Cork products are durable, easy to clean, water and fire resistant. Cork material is a renewable resource and organic. Our cork handbags and cork accessories are hand made in Greece.

*** How can I clean my cork fabric bag?
Cork fabric is naturally water-resistant. You will not have to clean the cork bag very often. However, in the event you have to do it use a soft wash cloth and warm water and just wipe it down. If you need a bit more cleaning add a few drops of moisture free dish detergent. After a gentle rinse, air dry the cork bag. You will see that cork bags are much more robust and easier to maintain than other materials.

*** Does humidity affect cork material?
No. Remember cork fabric feels a almost like suede to the touch. It behaves much like other leather bags.

*** Are the bags guaranteed?
It is very difficult to guarantee cork bags and accessories since there is wear and tear involved. We will no accept the return of items. You can cancel the order before dispatch. We are sorry that we will not be able to accept any returns or exchanges.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 25 × 17 cm