Collage by artist Elpipan

Elpida Panonidou is a professional visual artist living in Athens Greece. She is a graduate of the Greek fine art school academy and works more than 10 years as a fine art teacher in a Greek high school.


Her artistic career involves several solo and group exhibitions in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Germany and other countries, scenography and costume design in major theatrical art shows and events in Greece such as the Athens Festival, Benaki Museum and Megaron Mousikis. The artworks of Elpida Panonidou are mostly collage and painting with ink on canvas. Her collages and painting are deeply influenced by childhood and children’s perspective of life. Elpida Panonidou is currently curating the artworks exhibited on ‘Everything in art’. Some of her artworks are available in her artist’s page.

Art collage

Collage by Elpida Panonidou

art collage

Collage by Elpida Panonidou