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Javier Perez amazing illustrations

Javier Perez Estrella is a graphic designer and illustrator, based in Ecuador. His illustrations are combining sketches and everyday objects. As he says: “I want people to be able to take a break from the saturation of photos in general”. He has received several awards about his work all over the world. There are no many words to be said, since his imaginative work speaks for itself. View more of his work on his personnal page.

Athens Biennale in Greece

The opening of the Athens Biennale 2015 -2017 begins with the installation of two large-scale works at the hotel Bageion. In the former ballroom the work Rhinoceros, 1997 ,by Nikos Kessanlis is displayed and in the facade of the building the sign Άντερ Κονστράξιον (ie. Under Construction), 2015, by the Underconstruction Group.


Collage by visual artist Elpida Panonidou

Elpida Panonidou is a professional visual artist living in Athens Greece. She is a graduate of the Greek fine art school academy and works more than 10 years as a fine art teacher in a Greek high school.


“Astronaut” by the artist Yiannis Dendrinos

Yannis Dendrinos is not merely what we refer to as “sculptor”. Is somehow an explorer and a visionary. The 18 sculptures displayed in the exhibition entitled “Astronaut”, beyond the concept of functional construction as fixtures, they combine imagination, light and darkness, luxury and simplicity, and most importantly the need for exploration and creation.


Meet the artist Philippos Photiadis

Philippos Photiadis was born in Athens. He studied architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design (BFA 1993, B. Arch 1994) and at Harvard Graduate School of Design (M. Arch 1999). He worked for Skidmore Owings and Merill and Bernard Tschumi Architects, in New York, and Michael Photiadis Architects, in Athens, Greece. He is a founding member of the creative office ‘we design’ based in Athens (since 2001). He taught as a lecturer at the University of Patras department of Architecture, first and second year design studios (2007-2010).He has participated in noumerous group and solo art exhibitions in Athens, at the galleries Agathi, Martinos and Zoumboulakis. In 2011 his fairy tale ‘Zaphiris Kontopitharos’ was published by Militos publications.

Meet Christina and her jewellery

Christina Karakalpaki was born in Athens, Greece. Her architectural studies have given her the technical and aesthetical knowledge to balance between the large and the small scale with agility, while at the same time feeding her curiosity in order to explore the spaces in between them. She has attended several seminars on jewelry design and micro-sculpture, she has participated in Greek and international exhibitions and her work has been featured in design magazines. The last few years she maintains a workshop in Athens and has established collaborations with museum art shops, local jewelry stores and galleries.

Meet Vanessa and her unique ceramics

Vanessa Anastasopoulou was born in 1972 in Athens. She is Royal College of Art graduate in painting. She exhibited in four solo exhibitions and since 1997, she has participated in many group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Some of artworks are owned by international organisations. (Deutsche Bank, British Airways, Aylesford Newsprint).

Handmade clothing by Filanthi Bogea

Filanthi Bogea was born in Athens in 1982. Her first contact with fashion design was in 2005, through designing and making traditional Greek costumes. The designer retains her personal collection until today, with which she covers most of Greece and provides various types of artistic events. She has also worked on designing and making costumes for the stage, participating in theatrical performances, short films & music videos. From 2006 to 2009 she studied costume, garment design and pattern, and haute couture at the public school of the Ministry of Culture in Athens, after which she began designing clothes for her and her friends. In 2011 she participated as a designer & model in the total appearance contest “international TrendVision award” and reached the finals in New York, after getting the first place in Greece. During 2012 – 2014 she was working as a fashion designer for a well-known sports clothing company, and today she is designing and producing her personal special collection of handmade and some of kind clothing.