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I studied at the School of Graphic Arts and Art Studies in Athens. As a graphic artist and
designer, I have collaborated with many advertising agencies and creative offices. The design
unrest, the need of experimentation with various materials in simple forms, as well as the
diverse aspect of classic forms, have led me to the creation of “Rdesign”, which from 2010
signs the decorative and utilitarian objects I design. I have taken part in exhibitions and
collaborated with museums in various Greek cities.
“Every time I design an object, depending on the form and the use of it, I imagine
what material will highlight it the most. So I use a variety of materials such as metal, ceramics,
wood, polypropylene …etc. I get inspired by many different things, such as daily pictures,
human relationships, the idea of redesigning classics object to the needs and aesthetics of
our era or even a theme of an exhibition.”