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Knit happens

Knit happens

we are Elena Basioka and Theodoros Christopoulos. Together in life, together in creation

After living and working for a long time inAthens, we decided to relax the rhythms of our lives. But the creature’s “weed” lit up new streets and evolution was inevitable. With our experience (Thodoris in Economics and Helen in Marketing) we did our profession.

With continuous research, endless experimentation and long-term knitting (and splintering!), we finally managed to make our dream come true. Our efforts concentrate in choosing the right, quality materials. Raw materials that do not meet our specifications are rejected as they are replaced by our own products.

Our joy becomes greater when we share our discoveries with you. Every day, in our physical store, we guide you to create what you dream of. At the same time, with the help of technology we do the same for you and via the internet. We also give you the opportunity to order anything you have imagined. Just ask us!

Every product is tested and evaluated first by us. In With every purchase we give you the necessary instructions to get the best result.

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